How it works

A simple step by step process to get the designs you need

Tell us what you need

Send an email to the project manager about the design request. Include some inspirations which you like the most to help us make your vision a reality. We’ll use your logo and brand color on file to make things look better.

Your dedicated designer starts the job

Once you are ready to go, we’ll assign a dedicated graphic designer to your account so, they’ll learn what you are looking for. You’ll feel the same reliability as you would with an in-house designer but at reasonable cost.

We send you your files

Once our designer finishes the job for you then our quality assurance department will take a look at your design before passing on towards your Dropbox folder. The final deliverables will include all the source files so you can edit them as you needed. If you don’t want us to do it.

You get unlimited revisions

We provide unlimited revisions until you completely satisfied with our work. We won’t always get your designs right on the first try we know, but we’ll make sure you’re happy with the final product.